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About me

Kamila TatkowskaMy name is Kamila Tatkowska. Translations are not just work, but also my passion. For many years I have provided translation services in both English and Polish via my own company.

I work with various styles of text including corporate, business and technical types, whilst also doing transcreation projects and providing the interpreting services.

My experience includes and is not limited to; working as a project manager within a renowned translation company based in the United Kingdom, freelance translating and administration. I also possess a comprehensive understanding of technical production and business terminology gained through years working in the manufacturing sector.

While translating I feel that is imperative not to focus on the words, but rather the intention of the author or speaker. My mission is to convey the meaning of the text in the most precise way possible. The very same words used historically in various situations and across different cultures, can often be misunderstood contrary to the speaker's intentions. This is why taking a holistic approach to translating is of the utmost importance and is effectively achieved through the use of 'the tool of the tools', method ­ that is the language.

Why me?

PlusPostgraduate degree in translation, University of Westminster, London.
PlusUsage of both Polish and English languages on a daily basis.
PlusAccess to and wide knowledge of the latest translation tools appropriate for any project.
PlusFlexible service; ability to perform and adapt my service to suit the client's needs in order to reach an optimal outcome.
PlusMobility; capacity to provide out of office or onsite translations and interpreting at a location convenient to the client.
„To effectively communicate, we must realise that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”
Tony Robbins

The services I provide:

Plustranslation of marketing, business and technical texts from English into Polish,
Plusrevision and proofreading of texts,
Plustranscreation of texts, slogans and marketing campaigns,
Plusconsecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

The price offer and turnaround time will be discussed individually based on the word count of the text or the number of hours in case of interpreting services. Any quotation requests along with the text (or the word count information) should be emailed to

Kamila has worked on over 200 projects for Wordbank, during her long collaboration with us dating back in 2008. She has mainly worked on automotive, business/human resources surveys as well as marketing/promotional materials. Kamila is very thorough and pays close attention to detail. She is one of our preferred translators to work with as we know she’ll not only get the job done, but will also produce high-quality work no matter what type of project she’s working on. Her passion and commitment to language are apparent and she would be a great addition to any linguistic team.
Anna Voskou, RNM Co-ordinator, Wordbank
As the Linguistic Resources Coordinator, I can confirm that Ms. Kamila Tatkowska has been working as a self-employed translator from English into Polish for translate plus since February 2016.
During the last year we have been collaborating with her on a weekly basis and she has translated and proofread about 360,000 words for us. We have nothing on file to question Ms. Tatkowska's status as a freelance translator and see no reason not to continue our collaboration in similar conditions, should we continue receiving the same quality in the translation jobs carried out by this linguist.
Anna Popova, Linguistic Resources Coordinator, translate plus
(...)it gives me great pleasure to advise you that the editing you completed on the project (...) has been identified by our quality management team as outstanding, following very positive feedback from our client's local reviewer. We at Wordbank would like to thank you specifically for providing us with this high level of quality and service delivery and let you know that we truly appreciate your efforts.
Fiona Harcus, Suuplier Performance Manager, Wordbank
Pani Tatkowska podczas spotkania, którego byłem uczestnikiem, wykazała się nie tylko doskonałą znajomością języka angielskiego, ale również wysoką jakością i bogactwem języka polskiego. Znakomicie dopasowała się do atmosfery panującej podczas rozmowy, była w pełni przygotowana, zademonstrowała wysoką kulturę osobistą i pełen profesjonalizm. Jej otwartość oraz chęć współpracy był zauważalny w każdej minucie dyskusji. Zdecydowanie poświadczam jakość usług Kamili Tatkowskiej.
prof. dr hab. Aleksander Madyda

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